How to become an auto mechanic in Toronto, Ontario

If you are fond of automobiles and can’t keep yourself away from working on tech-savvy auto-engines, it is high time that you resort to turning this passion into a profession. If you are planning to become an auto mechanic in Toronto, keep on reading. Here’s a comprehensive yet interesting guide to becoming the king of mechanics and repairing.

The certification

To be eligible for different positions in the Canadian industry of auto mobiles, you require a certification or apprenticeship. Many colleges in Toronto offer different courses for people all ages to get enrolled into and learn everything related to cars as well as little trucks. If you want to hit the bar of professionalism, you’d need the certification. It’d boast off your ability to fix auto mobiles and let you earn good.

The different kinds of programmes

There’s a wide horizon when it comes to the programmes revolving around auto-mechanic skills being offered in different colleges of Toronto.  The courses range from “Motive power fundamentals” to “Motive Power fundamentals- truck and coach- international technical education”. You won’t lack options. So if you are motivated enough find yourself a suitable programme and get into the ever-changing and ever-growing automobile industry.

Hands-on training

Despite a course degree, training hours are supposed to be documented in your curriculum vitae for your potential employer to give you a stable and well-paying job. In Toronto and many other territories of Canada, requires 240 hours of training in each level. There are three levels that a person will have to pass before he can be officially called an auto mechanic in Toronto.

Work place hours

Yes, the requirements of being designated as an auto-mechanic don’t finish till training hours. Workplace hours are supposed to be documented as well. For an auto-mechanic to be eligible for a job anywhere in Canada, he needs at least six thousand workplace hours. Many employers, dealers, and workshops may offer a job with much lesser workplace hours to newbies. They might even offer a great salary package but then that depends on luck.

Written Exam

In Toronto, you can’t miss out a written exam even if it’s an automotive apprenticeship or training course. It is not hard but it is a necessary part of the whole journey to becoming an auto mechanic. The automobile industry is on a rise and the things supposed to be known and learnt keep on changing with time. To ensure the reliability of knowledge, a written exam is compulsory to become an auto mechanic in Toronto.

Job Options

The job opportunities for an auto mechanic in Toronto don’t stick down to car repairing workshops. The job possibilities include employers like insurance companies, Organizations that have fleet Vehicles, Dealers of Motor sports, Rental companies that offer cars or even trucks, warehouse distributors and don’t forget RV dealers.

It might seem long and time taking, but it is worth it. Toronto is full of a vacuum of auto mechanics and there’s nothing better than it being fed by your passion to repairing and fixing vehicles!

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