Transmission Problem Symptoms

Transmission repair in Toronto might initially make you want to crawl back into bed as a vehicle anymore, but not anymore. Once you diagnose transmission problem correctly, half of the work is done. Here are the signs of transmission problems, you just need pick them up if your vehicle manifests as any one of these.

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Harsh shifting
categorically speaking, a car with a transmission issue either won’t go smoothly or just won’t go. When it comes to not going smoothly, the problem is described as jerky shifting of the gears while driving. If you feel a grinding or resistive shaking while a gear change, it indicates towards a transmission problem. As soon as you figure it out, get your transmission repair in Toronto done as soon as possible.

Slipping Transmission
This is another common occurrence when it comes to gear shifting. You know the feel of your car and how much will it accelerate when you rev up the engine. However in slipping gears, the car doesn’t accelerate but the engine does roar. This is not only frustrating but dangerous as well. You might want to overtake or have to speed up to turn away in time and just then gear slipping happens. The two major reasons for slipping transmissions is either that the components of the gearbox are worn out, or else the fluid pressure is low.

Gear Shifts are delayed
This phenomenon is known as “delayed engagement”. The name itself describes that the car lags behind in getting engaged to drive followed by a gear change. This delay appears to be very prominent when the car is just about to start the run. Make sure you notice this next time as a developing problem in the transmission system of your vehicle. Delayed engagement is caused by valves sticking to each other in the valve body.

Humming or Whining
Another hint of a car with a transmission problem is how it keeps on making strangely loud noises. A gearbox with low fluid volume causes the gears to make the sound when they engage. This is by far the easiest sign to pick up on as this is not about the feel of the car but just a general observation. You don’t have to be driving the vehicle to notice this; any experienced person can pick this one out for you. Spoiler alert: This won’t always turn out to be a transmission problem, but this does mean that you need to get something fixed in your vehicle before it shows up its bad side to you.

Fluid Leakage
The above stated sign might be the easy one, but this one is a quickie when it comes to determining the transmission problem of your vehicle. Just check the transmission fluid level by the transmission dipstick. The transmission dipstick is right behind the oil dipstick in your car. If the fluid level is less by any chance, then you have the answer right in front of you. It might have been used up or the fluid had been leaking.

Get your transmission repair in Toronto as soon as you find any of the above symptoms from Weston Star Auto. Good luck!

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