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Most Reliable Transmission Repair in Toronto

The transmission in your vehicle is an extremely significant part that allows the gear ratios to change. These vehicles can be an automatic transmission car or a manual one, where either you would have to move down or up when required. If you do not take in your vehicle for the required repair work, you could potentially have to deal with a costly repair in the long-run. Weston Auto and Tire Service offers the best and most reliable transmission repair in Toronto.

There are numerous caution indications that could point out possible transmission  issues in the prospect. The following are some signs you should continually check for all time before it comes down to any repair work

  • Issues Changing Gears, i.e. Shaking or Grinding
  • A Very Strong Smell
  • Your Make Sure Engine Light is On
  • Transmission Fluid Leaking/Level Falling
  • Clunking Sound from Under the Car

The transmission is one of the essential parts in a vehicle and it could be tough for new drivers to spot possible issues. Come at Weston Star Auto for your transmission repair in Toronto and we’ll provide you instructions and suggestion on how to become aware of future issues even before it arises. Our years of knowledge in the automotive industry have given us the hands-on skill required for reliable transmission repair work for all makes and models.

Along with transmission repair, we do present a host of other services like gear fluid changing. Your transmission has numerous gears and moving parts, which require to be well lubricated. With the correct fluid, the gears will control easily without any problem. To keep your transmission in excellent shape, it is recommended to change the fluid after every 45,000km. Never push away transmission repair as you could be left with a heavy bill.

transmission repair in toronto

A Transmission Specialist only can do a Transmission Repair – Toronto ON

Transmission repair is an area where mechanic expertise is required. This is not an oil change or checking air pressure in tires. A certified mechanic is not only required to have its certification but he is also required to have 1000’s hours of  practical experience under a supervision. He must understand the connection between engine and wheels. An experienced mechanic is just like a doctor who can diagnose the problem by symptoms of transmission. These symptoms can be slipping gears, leaking transmission fluid, engine light or different noises.

At Weston Star Auto our mechanics are certified and have years of experience while serving our customers in the area of  transmission repair in Toronto. So if you find any issue regarding your car transmission, you just need to come at our shop.

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